Why Having Many Options Doesn’t Mean Higher Quality – A Lesson in Business

I once ate at a restaurant. The menu options were varied. All kinds were there. Unfortunately, this needed to be balanced with the quality of the food. The taste of the dishes was just so-so. I didn’t get a satisfying taste when eating any of the menu options. It was like filling up on food but not getting what I was looking for.

The restaurant owner seemed too busy thinking about the variety of menu options and forgetting the essential, which is the taste of the dishes. She was busy making various dishes but not paying attention to the quality of each dish. She was busy expanding her business but forgot the most crucial factor.

Many new customers may be interested in trying it out because they see the various options, but eventually, they give up on coming back because the quality is not maintained.

When it comes to business, this is usually a trap for business owners, who think from their perspective that if they prepare a net of various sizes, they will get various types of fish as well. Some are expensive, but most are a common type. Because she does not think about quality, she only thinks about quantity.

She should have thought about the fact that the perspective that must be maintained is the customer’s perspective. It’s true that as business owners, we can improvise, but we also need to remember the customer’s essential needs.

If talking about personal matters, the same way of thinking can be applied to IT staff colleagues. We may have various knowledge in the field of IT, but does that become our branding of quality? We could do multiple things but only on a fundamental level.

We are busy learning various knowledge but forget to delve into and master it. We are like the restaurant owner who provides different menus, but the taste is bland and so-so.

When we are just starting to learn something, we may still struggle to determine our primary focus, which is normal. But if it has been running for a few years and we are still letting ourselves be just so-so, it’s time to be wary.

Life can be harsh if we do not prepare ourselves to anticipate possible changes and developments in the field we master. We cannot ask for sympathy because we didn’t take the time to prepare ourselves. We cannot postpone it until we are ready.

Don’t keep letting ourselves only master basic things. The longer we wait, the more people will master what we currently have.

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