Weekend Gardening : Zeze Zahra Cabin House

I love gardening. I feel relaxing to walk among the trees. I like to walk in the middle of rice fields with green views. As I was born in the countryside, I don’t feel 100% in line with a metropolitan lifestyle. That’s why I started building my cabin house last year, as my getaway serenity on weekends.

We have a small cabin house, with a small garden, surrounded by rice fields, with small fish ponds below and in front of the house. We even have rabbits, ducks, and swans as well 🙂

My son Muhammad “Zeze Vavai” Rivai and my daughter Vivian Aulia Zahra enjoy our weekend in the cabin house and officially named it : “Rumah Kabin Zeze Zahra” or “Zeze Zahra Cabin House”.

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