VMware vSphere 6.7 Ebook (Indonesian)

After several revisions, the 2019 edition of VMware vSphere ebook was officially launched. This 2019 edition ebook contains several additions to the content related to vSphere Update Manager, Content Library, vSphere Networking (vSphere Distributed Switch), SSL implementation on both hosts and vCenter and update for existing contents.

In print conditions, this ebook has 318 pages. The ebook version has not changed in price, but is currently getting a discount from Google :-).

Here are some of the advantages of the ebook version compared to printed books:

  1. Cheaper. The cost of the ebook version is cheaper because I eliminate the components of printing, packaging and shipping costs. The lower price of the ebook with the same content as the printed version is my main goal, hopefully it can help more and more Indonesian people can buy several books compared to just one book
  2. Update speed. To update the contents of the printed book, I need to reprint the new version. If there is an old stock, it becomes redundant or wasted or has to be spent first. As for the ebook version, I just need to update or re-upload the material and it will automatically change the contents. Buyers who have already bought an ebook will automatically receive the updated ebook
  3. Ease of purchase. For some people, ebook purchases may be considered related to the use of credit cards, even though it’s a wrong opinion. Buying books on Google Play can even be done by phone credit. You can also buy vouchers at online stores. We can even buy it as a gift voucher for others. There are several online book publishers such as Kobo that even offer discounts or special credit for the first purchase while becoming a referral for others
  4. Delivery Speed. For colleagues in Indonesian capital Jakarta or its surrounding city, the delivery time may not be an obstacle, but it is different for colleagues in other locations, especially outside Java. As Indonesia is an archipelago with thousand islands, shipping costs are sometimes more expensive than the price of a book and it will took some day(s) until the book arrives at the destination. If you buy an ebook, it will instantly delivered and can be read immediately.

Note : It seems that Google put a discount to ebook price list, the ebook link can be found here : Panduan Dasar VMware vSphere 6.7 Edisi 2019.

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