VMware vCenter Server Appliance : Failed to Connect to VMware Lookup Service

While accessing  VMware vCenter Server Appliance  (vCSA), sometimes we find the error message ” Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service https://vcenterhost:7444/lookupservice/sdk – SSL certificate verification failed” . If this message occurs , we can not log into vCSA . This message usually occurs when we change the IP or hostname of the vCenter without regenerating SSL certificate.
To manage this problem, we can ask vCSA to regenerat SSL certificate to meet with new IP or hostname. Login to vCSA admin page (eg : https://vcenter-lab.excellent.co.id:5480) then select the Admin menu and select the option Enabled Certificate Regeneration. Once completed, go to the System menu tab and select reboot vCenter .
While restart, vCenter will regenerate  SSL certificate and then continue starting other services . Once completed , we can access the web client vCSA as usual . Do not forget to refresh your browser so that the browser detects a new SSL certificate.

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