Social Empowerment Part 2

Last week, I wrote about “Social Empowerment” and this is the updated information. A few days ago, the goat enclosure was completed and filled with goats. There are a total of 4 female breeders and 1 male breeder. One female breeder has 2 offspring and the other has 1 offspring, making a total of 8 goats being raised.

As I had not seen the location firsthand, I visited the farm location to meet with Niman’s family. This visit is usually an overview for me to see the potential and to identify what is lacking or what can still be improved.

The total cost of making the enclosure and acquiring the goats is around 10-12 million rupiahs. I do not remember the details, but it includes the cost of female and baby goats at Rp. 8,150,000,-, the cost of making the enclosure and the labor for constructing it. Some of the wooden materials were taken from unproductive mango trees. The mango trees were cut down and turned into beams and boards.

To construct the enclosure, Zeze Zahra sent two personnel, Darto and Adul. They were assisted by Niman and his younger brother, and the enclosure was completed in 4-5 days.

For the acquisition of breeding goats, I asked for help from Eko, who is a goat breeder near the banana garden location. I only instructed him to choose good quality breeding goats because the main focus is not just for Excellent’s profit, but also to help Niman’s family, who manage Zeze Zahra’s garden.

For coverage of the goat enclosure, you can see it on Zeze Zahra’s Youtube channel :

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