Securing our Home with Finger Lock System

finger-lock-doorDo you ever think to used door-lock based on finger print ? I supposed I haven’t think about that, even the technology not really new and I always used finger print scan to build an attendance system on my company.

The lock system based on fingerprint lock scan has an advantage compared to another lock. lock system based on card as an example, has a poor security because everyone would be accepted if they have the card. We would also could not accepted if we forgot to bring the card or missed the card. The finger print lock reduces this risk because we will never forgot to bring our hand 🙂 and we would not lend our hand to be used by another person 😛

I’ve checked and browse various fingerprint lock and found some interesting product. I’m thinking about one product only as I always used for attendance system but in fact there are many product on finger print lock. The standar product has similar function as attendance system but there is also finger lock system with remote control. We do not need to get into the finger lock system to opening the door but we could pass our finger into remote control.


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