Portfolio Update : January 2020

My StashAway statement for January 2020 has been arrived in early February 2020. I’ve deposit SGD 20K as initial investment in December 2019 but as it took confirmation process for initial investment, all fund going to January transaction summary.

In total I deposit 20K in December 2019 and 26K in January 2020, combined into SGD 46K at then end of January 2020. It has slightly unrealized loss SGD 83.04.

I pushing myself to keep investing as much as I can, even if my monthly income is relatively small. January 2020 is an exception, as it is a starting point and I move some domestic investment to StashAway. I’m trying myself to throw 1,5K to 3K each month to speed up my investment goal equivalent to SGD 450K.

According to my FIRE goal, it seems that I could not achieve target amount before 50 with my current asset and my monthly investment. It may postponed until 55 to get financial independence, except I have alternate income to fill in the gap.

With my starting point in $46K and $2K recurring investment each month, it will be $229K after 6 years with moderate 5% interest rate (I tend to choose a low interest rate for calculation and forecasting)

If I postponed my retirement early until 55, I’ll be have 11 years to keep investing. With my starting point in $46K and $2K recurring investment each month, it will be $428K after 11 years. Almost reach my goal amount.

Note : Compound Investment Calculator

As I have a different fractional investment (Indonesian equities, Indonesian bond and some land, only a small amount ), I can consolidate current investment to pursuing my FIRE goal through StashAway but I’ll be keep it as is for now for the sake of hedging fund and risk distribution.

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