PCMAV Anti Virus Update Build 3

PCMAV Anti Virus has launched 3rd update on October 08, 2008. This update added 13 new viruses library. If you have an existing PCMAV 1.8, updating your PCMAV anti virus by replacing the virus database file (.vdb).
To obtain and use PCMAV update, simply download the .vdb file and replace the existing one on current PCMAV folder. Beside this method, PCMAV also has auto-online update feature and probably it was the easiest way to update your current virus databases if you have direct internet connection.
This update included Rieysha virus and it’s variants, known as Rieysha-Prisa. List of additional virus library included on PCMAV 1.8 Update Build 3 : Anjerit, Autoit.BR, Autoit.BS, Bungas.bat, Bungas.bgs.A, Bungas.bgs.B, Bungas.bgs.C, Bungas.inf, Bungas.vbs, Crashy, Crashy.inf, Dhetya, Ginga, Ginga.jpg, Hikhik, Joker, Joker.inf, Joker.txt, Keybd, Plolonk, Plolonk.inf, Plolonk.jpg, Rieysha-Local, Rieysha-Lokal.doc, Rieysha-lokal.htt, Rieysha-Lokal.ini, Rieysha-Prisa, Rieysha-Prisa.inf, Rieysha-Prisa.ini, Rieysha-Prisa.vbs.A, Rieysha-Prisa.vbs.B, Starkid, Starkid.exe, Starkid.inf, Starkid.txt
Download Link :

  1. PCMAV 1.8 Virus Database Update Build 3
  2. PCMAV 1.8 RTP & Cleaner Update 2 (Download the update build 3 to combine latest viruses database)

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