openSUSE & Zimbra User Meeting

Indonesian openSUSE Community &  Zimbra Community will have a join-gathering on September 12, 2009.
The gathering will focus on discussion about Zimbra Installation tutorial in multi distro (openSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu and Centos as an example), Zimbra management tips & trick and also install fest for Zimbra 6.0 If it has officially launched (if haven’t yet, we will used the RC1 instead).
Beside the Zimbra topics, we would also preparing for Indonesian openSUSE community board+leader election for next period and covering some project regarding mirror & repository.
Are you in or near Bekasi-Jakarta ? If so, please feel free to attend the Zimbra user meeting. Click here (in Bahasa Indonesia) for more information.
Note : Indonesian Zimbra Community is a non-profit organization, community based focused on Zimbra Collaboration Suite to help, assist & supporting Zimbra implementation in Indonesia

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