OpenSUSE Remastering

Well, I don’t think I can make a Linux distribution based on openSUSE, due to my poor skill and capability. It would be hard to make it possible, and I’m afraid I will never touch this process.

But, it’s not really difficult as I think. openSUSE developer prepare a nice and easy program called Kiwi. There is a number of such product built on Kiwi, the popular one is KDE4 LiveCD by Stephan Binner. After reviewing the document and manual program, I get started with the easiest one : Building openSUSE on USB disk.

openSUSE on USB disk means that I want to run all of openSUSE from the USB stick. Modern computer come with the capability to boot from USB disk, and if I can build this, I can make it for various function.

There is another reason. My beloved wife Dear Rey choose to build a customized Linux distro based on openSUSE as her final exam topic. She want to build the customized distro based on openSUSE to fit with her requirement in her office. Her office mainly using Microsoft WIndows as default OS and she want to change this by providing openSUSE remastering distro.

I get started with Kiwi begining this week and it took 2-3 days without any luck. There is an error after launch kiwi although I take one-click-install to get the latest kiwi update. After googling with no avail, Cyberorg came with the solution. He said in opensuse-kiwi IRC channel, get the latest update !

I think I have the latest kiwi on my openSUSE box but after checking the version, it was version 1.4.6. Cyberorg said that the latest version is v2.38 SVN: Revision: 1125. OMG 🙂

After updating kiwi from, Kiwi running well without problem.