OpenSUSE 10.3 LiveCD is Now Available

OpenSUSE 10.3 LiveCD
OpenSUSE team today announced the live version of OpenSUSE 10.3. The LiveCD is available with GNOME and KDE desktop manager. It has no different with standard KDE or Gnome CD, just provided LiveCD capability and the option to install into system.

I’ve tried the LiveCD when it launched as alpha and beta version. In alpha version, it has no option to the partition manager. The liveCD will be installed into system as is present in the ISO image. In the beta version, we can change the partition manager but the LiveCD still produce some error on detecting display adapter and another hardware problem. This is the main reasons why OpenSUSE 10.3 liveCD not included in OpenSUSE 10.3 GM version while it’s first launched on October 4, 2007.

This LiveCD is the first one. In the past, OpenSUSE teams only provided LiveDVD, which can not reached a wide-spread distribution due to the size of the ISO.

With the Live CD, we can just boot and used the CD as a productive system. We can try and looks an inside of OpenSUSE 10.3 without touching our existing system. We can also make this LiveCD as a rescue system : repair an error installation or backup the data.

The Live CDs are available as 32bit versions in english only and contain for the first time an install option on the desktop. Just click the icon and installation on your hard drive will be getting started. In beta version, it only contains about six or seven simple steps to install the liveCD.

Download the Gnome version here and KDE version here

I’ll contacted the mirror of OpenSUSE in Indonesia to get the ISO image. Great Job, OpenSUSE team.

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