Navigating Online Learning in Semester Two: A Reflection on my Master’s Program

Classes for the Second Semester began on Monday, January 9, 2022. Similar to the first semester, there are five classes that I will be taking:

Monday: Machine Learning,

Tuesday: Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security,

Wednesday: Intelligent Search Engine,

Thursday: Big Data Analytics,

Friday: Voice and Image Recognition.

The classes will still be conducted fully online but with stricter rules. One of them, for example, is the requirement to turn on my camera during class. This made me have to stay ‘on-cam’ for several hours.

There is a class that I think is in the wrong order, Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a basis for the Business Intelligence class that I took in the first semester, but I am only taking Machine Learning in the second semester. Maybe the school has its own considerations.

There are also some new students joining this new class, they are from the new batch, and this semester is their first. Most of them are students who work around Jababeka. Some of them are alumni of President University, and some are from other universities. From my experience in the last semester, I am trying to be more disciplined in this semester. For example, if there is a task, I try to complete it at the first opportunity, not delayed until the deadline.

Another challenge is that my time for sports is more limited. I have to exercise in the morning before dawn, in the afternoon before class, or at night after class. I can also exercise during the day when I work at work. The principle is that I must be able to balance each activity.

Classes in the second semester mean bringing me back to the activity rhythm 3-4 months ago, which is focusing on classes and being less able to roam freely, especially on class days or at night. That’s okay; there are some things that need to be adjusted while we are trying to achieve our desired goal.

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