Livebook, Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition

This book by François Chollet caught my attention because it was recommended on Google’s Tensorflow website. Tensorflow is based on the Keras library, which in turn is based on the Python programming language. This book provides a very good understanding of the basic concepts of Deep Learning, as well as a clear explanation of how to implement Deep Learning models using the Keras library based on Python.

One of the advantages of this book is the availability of a livebook that allows readers to listen to the book material without having to read it. In addition, the book also presents various images and code examples that are very helpful in clarifying concepts and implementing Deep Learning models. Initially, I bought the e-book version and then added the livebook option. With the livebook, the book material is read aloud so that I can listen to it while driving, eating, or even lying down, hehehe…

The book “Deep Learning with Python” by François Chollet is indeed a very good reference for students or practitioners who want to master Data Science, especially in the field of Deep Learning using Tensorflow.

For me personally, “Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition” is a highly recommended book for anyone who wants to learn or improve their understanding of Deep Learning, Keras, and Tensorflow. This book can help prepare someone to enter this exciting and rapidly growing field, either as an academic or practitioner in the industry.

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