Launching Indonesian openSUSE Mirror & Repository

Poor and expensive internet connection are the main problem for most of Indonesian openSUSE users to get connected into the world. Internet installation or updating huge package is not the priority for most of us and better to take another way to get it come true. Downloading from outside mirror and repository may get various problem and the biggest problem are the speed of connection.
The situation was not good for  new users, even for openSUSE user. It’s also a bad promo for our effort increasing openSUSE user in Indonesia.
After discuss the situation with Indonesian openSUSE Community, we’re all agree to provide local mirror by donating some cash for harddisk, bandwidth cost and server. We also contact our colleagues about the possibility preparing some local openSUSE mirror.
Starting this month, finally, we get the local mirror up and running under the url My friend Harry Sufehmi, a Linux Activist helped me a lot for preparing the mirror.
For now, it has only 500 GB of disk capacity and providing openSUSE 10.3-11.1 (and 11.2 milestone) plus default repos oss+non-oss and 3rd party packman repositories. We plan for upgrading the capacity into 1-2 TB within next month to host repositories from build service also.
The mirror has bad news and good news. The bad news, it has a limited and low access to mirror outside of Indonesia. The good news, it has unlimited bandwith and fast internet connection for local access from Indonesia.
We decided to making the mirror1 as primary mirror and repos for Indonesia. The low connection for outside repo has been solved by making  rsync process into another local mirror with faster internet connection,
My friend Mahyudin Susanto (Udienz) helped Indonesian openSUSE Community by providing complete and good mirror  at his university server, Jember University, Central Java. The server has htp, ftp and rsync access with good access for outside connection. The server act as host for another local openSUSE mirror in Indonesia.
Beside the mirror1 and mirror at Jember University, we also have another mirror at Kambing Server, University of Indonesia Jakarta; Mirror at FOSS-ID; Mirror at Indonesian openSUSE Community Center at Senayan Jakarta and mirror at CBN.
We hope openSUSE more and more popular in Indonesia regarding the above improvement.

14 thoughts on “Launching Indonesian openSUSE Mirror & Repository

  1. i think we can collaborate to build complete opensuse repos, for example:
    mirror1.opensuse provide BS repos
    unej provide factory repos
    UGM provide debug, etc
    so wecan put many repo from near location and we have complete repos 😀 i hope so

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