Installing Java Plugins on Mozilla Firefox-LinuxMint 64 Bit

I usually need a Java plugins for remote access to my co-location server based on Proxmox VE. I’m Currently using LinuxMint 13 “Maya” and here is the process to enable Java plugins in Firefox:

  1. Download Java plugins for Linux 64 bit (version .tar.gz) :
  2. Close Firefox browser and run the following command. Don’t forget to run it with normal user permission, not with root permission user. Do not forget to adjust the name of the Java binary installer in accordance with the the file you’ve downloaded on earlier task.
    01.sudo mkdir -p -v /opt/java/64
    02.tar -zxvf jre-7u7-linux-x64.tar.gz jre1.7.0_07/ /opt/java/64/
    04.sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/java" "java""/opt/java/64/jre1.7.0_07/bin/java" 1
    05.sudo update-alternatives --set java /opt/java/64/jre1.7.0_07/bin/java
    06.sudo apt-get remove icedtea-6-plugin && sudo apt-get remove icedtea-7-plugin
    07.mkdir -v ~/.mozilla/plugins
    08.rm -v ~/.mozilla/plugins/
    09.ln -s /opt/java/64/jre1.7.0_07/lib/amd64/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/

When finished, restart Firefox and then test the link below to make sure that Java is installed properly :


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