Indonesian openSUSE Event : Zimbra Community Training

Last week, I went  to Surabaya,  a capital city of the province of East Java for attending Zimbra Mail Server & Collaboration Suite community training  initiated by  Indonesian openSUSE community, East Java branch.
The training itself dedicated for openSUSE promotional event for server side. Beside my activity as Indonesian openSUSE member, I also become a founder for Indonesian Zimbra Community. I think it would be a good idea to make openSUSE as primary choice, both for desktop and server application. Zimbra has it’s own benefit. The combination between it’s feature and price (priceless for open source edition) making Zimbra as an attractive option for mail server.
Although I have successfull testing for Zimbra installation on top of openSUSE 11.x, I decided to use openSUSE 10.3 as base OS because openSUSE 10.3 need a lower hardware specification compared to 11.x.
openSUSE 10.3 as base OS installed using network installation process, and it’s help much for simplifying repository configuration.
The participants very enthusiast to listened the benefit of Zimbra; the features on Zimbra compared with Microsoft Exchange Server and others mail server; why I choose openSUSE as based OS and about community support  both with Zimbra community and openSUSE community.
After break for lunch and pray, training continued with Zimbra management and tips-trick for managing Zimbra account (create, bulk provision, import-export,etc)
I will come back to Surabaya for another community training on October 2009 : Migration from Windows Server into Linux Server using openSUSE Linux.

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