Indonesian openSUSE Community Monthly Meeting #10

Indonesian  openSUSE Community will be hold a monthly meeting #10 for the members on Sunday, 12 October 2008. However, it’s not exclusive for members only. The meeting was still open for colleagues who is not a member or rather never used openSUSE Linux 😀 .
In this meeting I will act as host and at the same time will hold a presentation, a workshop materials entitled : “Remastering openSUSE: How to Build your Own openSUSE.” openSUSE Remastering will be using kiwi imaging system that is easy to used to build the openSUSE based distributions with our specifications. For example, if we only want to make special openSUSE based distro which fully support and act as server without a GUI and desktop applications, we can create this by Kiwi imaging system. We can also make openSUSE LiveCD or LiveDVDs with our own content, ie : the distro is accompanied by a complete multimedia package Support, wifi drivers, Nvidia & ATI drivers, etc.
In contrast with previous meetings, this meeting was held on Sunday at 10 am(ussualy hold on Saturday 01 pm) because I haveJapanese language course in the office. In addition to the reason for that, this time the event will also discuss plans for Indonesian openSUSE community for next year.
For colleagues who are interested in coming, please read the details on the website of Indonesia openSUSE community. If you need number of contacts that can be contacted, please send an email to the address at vavai
See you in the meeting.

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