It’s been a while since my last posting in my blog. My last post before a new one is
Updating HAProxy on Ubuntu/Debian on December 2015. Much things happened since then and I leave this blog without posting although I still blog elsewhere, mostly in Indonesian. Beside on my blog in Bahasa Indonesia (I don’t like to call Bahasa because bahasa means language 🙂 ), I also wrote some stories in my Facebook notes and on Medium.
As my small business is also growing since 2011, it seems that my time is much consumed for work in Excellent, and a little bit harder to wrote blog post on my daily routine.

Looking at my blog journey, it’s all started on 2007 when I was worked on a small company, at Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. Blog is my media to express my opinion, share my experience and the important one is as my journal for daily activity. That’s why my blog content was in various topics due to my nature as an IT staff who lives in a small town near capital city of Indonesia. There’s many stories with the situation and I just blog about any of them, don’t think it would a boring stuff for others.
As I grew older, there is many to consider before write a new post. I’m thinking about the importance of a blog post, whether it should be post to my blog or too simple to wrote on. Consequently, every blog post need a longer time, think many aspects, saved on my drafts and was not published as topic are out of date. At the end, that’s kill my creativeness. Blog is not as easy as when it started. I killed my daily routine to wrote some stories and only a few article was published when I have a spare time to write a serious one.
I think it better to make my blog journey as simple as it started in 2007. I would post anything no matter it’s a simple post about a little script or post an interesting picture about my city or my country. Let’s see later 🙂

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