Google Translate Supporting Bahasa Indonesia

Well, it looks like too late to informed this, but maybe somebody skipped this good news, due to Happy Eid Mubbarak holiday in Indonesia.
Google has been added Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian native language) as their supported language since September 27 2008, so we can translate every article or page in various language into Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa.
Until now, Google was still using English as their gateway to translate from and into Bahasa Indonesia. Just an example, if you wish to translate from Germany or Dutch or Japanese into Bahasa Indonesia, Google will be translated into English first and then translate the English result into Bahasa Indonesia. This approach, off course, produce inaccurate result but, based on my experience,  it seems the esult not really bad at all. I think it was a nice step for another support from Google.

Google Translate helped me to write an article in English, although I know that I must learn more and more to make such good article. 🙂 . For this moment, I’m quite satisfied to answer the question from my friend that used non Bahasa Indonesia as their native language.
Try this : Google Translate.

One thought on “Google Translate Supporting Bahasa Indonesia

  1. Mas, kalau translate pakai google, dari bahasa Jepang (tapi dalam abjad biasa/bukan huruf kanji) ke bahasa inggris/indonesia bagaimana caranya ya..?

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