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I’m currently using Linux, especially openSUSE Linux but 2 year or 3 years ago I’m a Windows big fans. Now, even not so often, I’m using Windows on my wife’s laptop. She has a laptop with Windows system pre-installed by default (OEM version). Beside the risk of viruses and trojan attack, I also get the problem from registry entry which sometimes lost the file extension and the associated programs.
The problem occurred because the old registry entry be replaced with a new information regarding extension file and the associated program. If you have many software and want to install it and most of them could open any document with suspected extension, the problem may occurred because there’s also various program with the capability to open same application or file with specified extension.
jpg extension as an example. There are many application with the capability opening image file with jpg extension. jpg could be opened with Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor, 3rd party application IrfanView or Photoshop or many other application. If we choose Photoshop as default application for jpg extension and suddenly decided to uninstall it, the problem may occurred because Windows sometimes could not restore the default application between various choice.
If this happens, I will manually change the associated program by choosing it from “Open With” command or using file type option within Windows Explorer. if the problem occurs on many files, I must do the same  for every problem. This spend so many times only for resolving file extension and associated program so I’m thinking to find better solution. Luckily, someone out there thinking the same thing and make an application to resolve this problem. Applications could be downloaded from Registry File Extensions.

The installation is easy by follows  the wizard and choose next-next-next 🙂 until finished.
We could launch the application simply by click the shortcut. The main menu will be appear. Here we can make the process of scanning for the possibility of the problems and then choosing registry fix to solve the problems
If you are using Windows and found same problem, you would better using registrycure for file extension instead of manually resolving the problem.

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