Entry Level Dedicated Server from LeaseWeb Singapore

Today, my first dedicated server from LeaseWeb Singapore is already available for further setup. This is an entry level server with HP – DL120 G7, Processor 1x Intel Dual-Core Pentium G850 [ 2 Core(s) ], RAM 8 GB and HDD 4×500 GB SATA. Server specs are not too high, but should be adequate to be used as an email server.
leaseweb logoI submit my registration data and order on December 4, 2015 but LeaseWeb put it on pending/hold status, because as part of their verification process to ensure security and prevent fraud risks, they need to speak with me directly to verify the order. They contact me on my phone number about 09-10 am (GMT+7). Actually, this is a one-time verification process, applicable only for our first order.
The estimated delivery date is December 07, 2015 but my server was being delivered on same day with order date, although requiring additional 2 days due to to problem installing ESXi.
hp_proliant_dl120_g7However the hardware is not supported by ESXi 6 and LeaseWeb support team installing ESXi 5.5 instead. This is not an issue for me because vSphere 5.5 and 6.0 is relatively not much different. The server came with ESXi 5.5, prepared for virtualization server with 2-3 VMs and is expected to use storage efficiently and effectively. Based on my experience while self service managing co location server, 500 GB SATA is sufficient to be used as primary disk so I’ll be pick second disk as other datastore and combine the remaining 2 hard disk as backup data store.
I’m rarely using windows desktop, so my first step configuring server is installing ESXi Embedded Host Client, providing ESXi stand alone web client access using browser.
My experience so far is slowness on ticket response. Comparing to DO, Vultr and Linode that our ticket responded within minutes, LeaseWeb support team need more than hours for ticket response. Actually, I’m using Basic – 24 x 7 x 24 support, bundling on the order and according their SLA, Response time is 24 hours :-(. What  makes me more worried is that my sales ticket didn’t responded since Friday until now and according to live chat with their support team, Sales team are available on working hours and working day, 9:00 – 18:00 SGT Mo/Fri. Too bad that I miss to check their contact page 🙂
This is my first experience with LeaseWeb and hopefully not the last. Their response was not very encouraging, but I hope there are no significant problems in the future 🙂

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