December 2020 Portfolio Update

This is the third update to my portfolio in 2020. It’s February 2021 now and if I updating regularly, it should be the 14th update and December portfolio is the 12th. I missed regular portfolio update (and also missed to update this blog as well), so I will restart portfolio update in 2021 and looking at December portfolio as summary for 2020, summary for all year around.

Investment journey, Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

For the sake of simplicity, my portfolio update entirely based on my StashAway account statement as I’m slowly moving long term investment to StashAway.

I started investing in Stashaway on a regular basis since January 2020 with my first goal is 50K SGD at the end of the year. This target was reached earlier in March 2020 as I transferred some cash, profit from selling equities shares in Indonesian stock. I increasing my goal to 100K SGD at the end of 2020. It’s a pretty hight target, as my monthly saving varies between 1000-2000 SGD.

By combining regular monthly savings plus additional income (Google Adsense, books & ebook selling, etc) and selling profitable Indonesian stocks, I was able to achieve this target and even exceed it. The total amount of my investment portfolio at the end of December 2020 was 136,855.70 SGD.

It wasn’t a big number, especially compared to average income in developed country, but it’s a small winning to me and mark my first milestone to reach financial independence before 55. Simple calculation based on 4% rule indicate that I will need 300K US$ or about 400K-500K SGD to achieve FIRE target. I’ll be 45 old this year and will have 10 years to go, but if the amount is reached sooner, let’s say at the age of 50, I would be very happy.

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