Counter Strike – Half Life & Condition Zero on openSUSE 11.0

One major reason why I usually used Windows on my wife’s laptop was about Games, especially online games. Actually, I’m not a big fans of online games. Playing online games is an intermezzo at the midnight, as relaxation activity before going to bed. Counter Strike (CS) is my favorite games, although it was too old but it still interesting to play with another online gamers.
I’m trying to run the CS by using wine with no luck. I don’t know why it won’t be. I have no extra-time to resolve the problem and leave them unresolved.
Last October 2008, CodeWeavers, a company behind wine project and commercial version of wine called Crossover, announced that they have “a lameduck marketing promo, providing free of use to all of their product, only for registered member on October 2007, 2008. I used the promo for downloading CrossOver Games.
Installation process and initial setup are quite easy as shown in the following steps:

  1. Installing CrossOver Games :
    [code language=’cpp’]sh[/code]
  2. Open the menu Crossover Games | Install Windows Software

  3. Install Counter Strike. Choose Half life and specified the setup exe file
  4. Run through the menu on the desktop

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