Comment Problem in Serendipity Blog

A friend of mine contacted me last night about how difficult to write a comment in my bridge-blog (my education tools to learning English 🙂 ). He said that the problem occurred while trying to submit the comment :

"Your comment did not contain a Session-Hash. Comments can only be made on this blog when having cookies enabled!"

After searching a resolution for a while, I found the answer from Garvin Hicking in Serendipity Board. The problem itself came from Spam Protector plugin.

To increase spam protection, I’ve activates CSRF protection for comments option. If enabled, a special hash value will check that only users can submit a comment with a valid session ID. This will decrease spam and prevent users from tricking us into submitting comments via CSRF, but it will also prevent users commenting on our blog without cookies.

There is 2 solution for this problem :

  1. Make sure your browser accepts PHP session cookies
  2. Go to your anti-spam plugin (Spam Protector) configuration and disable the option for "Use XSRF/CSRF checks".

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