Collecting Books but Never Reading Them, Accumulating Wealth but Never Enjoying It

During my college and working years, I often found myself amassing a collection of e-books in PDF format and similar types, thanks to the internet connection that allowed me to download an array of appealing titles.

I’ve come to realize two negative effects of this habit. Firstly, I didn’t value the content of these books as I should have. The lack of a financial budget made me enthusiastic about collecting books, yet I rarely read them. Had I purchased these books, I would have felt compelled to read them thoroughly to justify the expense. Secondly, I was participating in something I morally shouldn’t have. Although my downloads were for personal use and not for commercial purposes, I was still undermining copyright, essentially unfair to the authors by opting for unofficial copies. I realized owning a vast collection of unread, dust-gathering books was pointless.

This realization extends to how I view money. In times of scarcity, the pursuit of cash seemed essential. Once basic needs were met, the desire for more money grew, often leading to a relentless chase that made me forget how to rest and be mindful. Without careful balance, having more money can negatively impact oneself and one’s surroundings. If our basic needs are met, we should balance earning and enjoying money, and we need to value creativity and respect the copyright. You know that we need to do this even if we are still pursuing our basic needs but as sometimes we realize it after all the past year, being late than never is better to do in my opinion.

This Ramadhan presents an excellent opportunity for introspection and review whether our actions align with our expectations. It’s a time to consider the books that lie abandoned on our shelves and the financial obligations we’ve yet to fulfill. Let’s not become so engrossed in our work that we forget how to find joy and satisfaction in life.

Note: Image by superjhs from Pixabay

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