ChatGPT from OpenAI

As a new student with a rudimentary understanding of machine learning, I was truly amazed by ChatGPT’s capabilities. I no longer need to go to Google and manually search for what I want to know.

I tried some queries or questions related to Machine Learning and received comprehensive answers. Because this is tutorial and step-by-step in nature, I assumed ChatGPT could definitely answer. So I tried searching again using a different query.

I asked about the concept of FIRE and also about what should be prepared if someone in their 40s wants to retire well and without causing difficulties for others. Both of these questions received comprehensive answers as well. And I became even more interested because I can easily gain knowledge, and perhaps even be able to do some things more easily and with good quality.

Imagine that I want to create a certain aliena about a research topic or want to create an opening article about the activities I am doing and then publish it on my blog.

If you haven’t tried it yet, please try it, then get insight and let our minds find out what we can do by utilizing the ChatGPT from OpenAI.

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