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I’m a book lover. Beside reading the books, I have various  hobby such as writing, programming and hiking but the most often are reading the books. Although I’m a book lover, I don’t like to go to the bookshop to buy some collection. The nearest bookshop is about 6 KM from my home and the traffic always jam so I feel unhappy only for buying some collections.
Buying some collections from online bookshop are the most preferred choice for myself. I will not find any traffic jam (although sometimes getting crazy for poor internet connection) and I could decided which collection should be buy without getting tired to choose the best one.
The famous online bookshop are Amazon but I’m not so often buying from them. I choose the favorite bookshop by reading some review about them and see whether they have complete collections or not. Another consideration are free shipping , the easiest method and various payment option (supporting Payal is one example).
I don’t want to buy a cheap books with big discount but I must pay shipping fee which bigger than the discount 🙂
Personality is another consideration. Sometimes big online bookshop leave it and they think their buyer as a statistical count.
One of the preferred online bookshop is I’m  interesting to buy some audio books after reading some review about them from my close friend. I browse their collections and find some interesting audio books.
Actually I’m never buy any of audio book but their collections make me feels to choose a best one.
If you wish to buy some audio books, you may considering to find a great deals at on an extensive selection of Books, CDs, DVDs, Magazine subscriptions and more, all with FREE delivery to stores

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