Bulletproof Serendipity Template Framework

BulletproofSerendipity ver 1.2 has been launched about 1 month ago. I’ve applied this version in my personal blogs and quite satisfied with the template.

Serendipity v 1.2 proposed new Serendipity default template, Bulletproof. It seems that this templates give more flexibility both to user and template designer. There’s a nice features to users with the flexibility to define blog layout format, colorset, header, footer, sidebar and another modification without any hard code editing. All of features provided at serendipity Administration Interface. How about the template designer ? Bulletproof website describes a funny analogy :

If you are a s9y template designer, you can use the bp code to produce new templates. You, and the people using your templates, will be able to benefit from all the nice features of bp (unless you decided to disable them), so you can concentrate on designing neat new s9y templates. The code base is already there, your part will be to make it look great. If you want to go with a car comparison: We have built the engine, the transmission and stuff like that. Your job is it to give it a paint job, put some tires on and do the interior

colosetIf you interested with custom themes creation or modification (ie : for WordPress, Movabletype, Textpattern, etc) or most recently worked as Web Designer, Bulletproof idea should fit with your requirement.

What is the advantage of using Bulletproof template idea ? There are a number of great features like below :

1. Flexibility about custom layout. You can choose 2 or 3 columns.

2. Flexibility about contents and sidebar position. For 3 columns, you can displayed with Contents first and then sidebar (CF, S, S) or Sidebar-Contents-Sidebar or another options.

3. Customizable Navigation, such as Position of the navbar, Navigation links in the footer, quicksearch in the navbar and Title for navigation menu

4. Colorset specific Icons and an easy colorset modification

5. Browser Compatibility. You do not need to worried with various browser. PC or Mac ? Windows or Linux ? Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari ?? Browser specific "hacks" that do not validate, or clean code that breaks in non-compliant, or outdated broswers ??? Bulletproof fixed these problems and provided an elegan interface to every users.

You may find a suitable documents about Bulletproof from the official site.

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